Jun 21, 2011 / 8 notas

Stylish Inspiration: Juanita Burga, Peruvian pride and international model

They say that when you leave your country you will be more proud of it, of their successes, their qualities and even its imperfections. For me, every time I see a Peruvian that really succeed out of my country I fill pride of mother… is weird. 

This happened to me recently in Paris when I enter the store 'Tara Jarmon' (which i love) and saw the Peruvian model Juana Burga in the catalogs. I wanted to show the photo to everyone in the store, tell them that she was Peruvian like me … Thankfully I was abel to controlled myself and I didn’t create a scene, but I was filled with pride and happiness for her.

Here are the pictures I saw of her in ‘Tara Jarmon’ and some others from her Portfolio

Fuente: elitemodelondon.co.uk

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